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We know that you are concerned about how the information you provide on this website is safeguarded. We want you to read and understand the PainCareWorkbook.com Privacy Policy and that you authorize the use of your information in the questionnaires for research purposes. By coming to PainCareWorkbook.com and completing the surveys, quizzes and questionnaires, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

We ask you to give us your e-mail address, create a password only you know, and a name that you would like to use. This is the only personal Identifying information we will collect from you. These are for your benefit. They make it easier for you to remember how to log in here. They make it possible for us to e-mail you your password if you forget it. And they help you be sure that you are looking at your own records if you share your computer with another user of this site. We display your name when you log in and include it in your Pain Score Card Report.
We may also use your e-mail address and name to send out occasional e-mail messages inviting you to participate in pain research or advising you of new Pain Care Workbook resources. We will never sell, rent or otherwise transfer your e-mail address for any reason.
We collect your responses to the questionnaires and surveys on this site and store these, along with your scores, on our database server. We will never report your individual responses or scores to others, except as described below. We will include your scores and responses in reports, publications, lectures, and Web sites only in summaries of groups of site users.

We may also share this same information with our graduate students and research partners for research projects. Again, no identifying information will be included.

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