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Table of Contents






Part 1               What Is Chronic Pain?

Chapter 1         Chronic Pain Care Basics

Acute and Chronic Pain

Causes and Effects of Chronic Pain

Pain Myths and Fallacies

Chapter 2         The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain

Traditional Pain Models

The Biopsychosocial Model: The Future of Pain Management

Chapter 3         Your Readiness for Change and Intention to Change

Your Role in Managing Your Pain

Are You Ready to Change?

Learning to Be Adaptable and Flexible

Stages of Change

Taking Action!

Chapter 4         Rating Pain, Monitoring Flare-Ups, and Setting Goals

Rating Your Pain

Tracking Your Pain

Pain Cycles and the Negative Feedback Loop

Pain Flare-Ups

Goals and Pain Management

Chapter 5         Understanding Your Diagnosis

Why Is It Important to Understand Your Diagnosis?

Learning More About Your Diagnosis

Learning How Others Understand Your Diagnosis

Taking an Active Role in Your Medical Care

Part 2               Behavioral Assessment of Pain

Chapter 6         Fatigue and Energy Levels

Managing Your Energy Levels

Exercise and Chronic Pain

Sleep, Energy, and Chronic Pain

How Loss and Grief Affect Energy

Nutrition and Energy

Muscular Discomfort and Energy

Chapter 7         Medication

Medications Used to Treat Chronic Pain

A Closer Look at Opioids

Getting Effective Pain Relief from Medication

Preventing Addiction: Your Best Defense

Establishing Your Trustworthiness and Credibility

Helping Your Doctor Help You: Making a Contract

Chapter 8         Changing Your Thoughts and Ideas About Chronic Pain

Thoughts and Coping


Fear of Reinjury

Expectation of a Cure

Entitlement, Frustration, and Anger


Future Despair

Social Disbelief

Practicing New Ideas About Pain

Chapter 9         Pain Behaviors

Pain Behaviors Are a Form of Communication

Why Change Your Pain Behaviors?

You Are More Than Your Pain Behaviors

Getting Others to Talk About Something Besides Your Pain

Relaxation and Body Awareness

Chapter 10       Activity Interference and Activity Avoidance

Evaluating Your Activity Interference and Activity Avoidance

Overcoming Activity Interference

Overcoming Activity Avoidance

Chapter 11       Emotional Pain and Suffering




Using Humor to Relieve Depression, Anxiety, and Anger

Chapter 12       All in the Family: The Social Implications of Chronic Pain

Pain, the Family, and the Past

How Chronic Pain Can Affect the Family

Pain Management Helps the Whole Family

Using Pacing as a Social Tool

How Your Family Thinks About and Reacts to Your Pain

Chapter 13       Sex

How Chronic Pain Can Change Sex

Talking About Sex

Taking Back Your Sex Life

Treatment Issues

Chapter 14       Working with Your Doctors

A Team Approach to Pain Management

Who Gets Good Pain Management?

Helping Your Physicians Help You

Part 3               Conclusions

Part 4               Your Pain Scorecard



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